Natural Active Zeytincik Farm

Our Company

In 2000, Natural Active revived and refined the art of traditional olive oil soap making in Datca, a little town on the ecologically preserved Datca Peninsula in Turkey, famous for its olive and almond groves.

Since then, we are renowned for manufacturing high quality, plant based personal care products.

We also manufacture plant based, very high quality melt and pour soap bases for boutique soap makers all over the world.

Our Products

Most of our main ingredients come from our own, ecologically preserved, pesticide, artificial fertilizer and hormone free farmlands. The ones we acquire from third parties are carefully inspected, certified and cruelty free products.

İn short we do not want to poison ourselves and our customer.

Our products are creatively formulated and exhaustively tested for their effectiveness. We want our products to work.

We are committed to adhering to high ethical standards in business, high product quality, total satisfaction of our customers and meticulous preservation of nature.